We The People Munitions company

does not sell direct to the public. We work through a network of hard working independent Gun Shops. We are excited to always have new dealer join us !

Some of the awesome things we offer to our Dealers:

USA Made
ammunition in our
production facility
in the Mid-west.

Steel We The People
signage for dealers*

We The People
Hats for dealers*

No minimum orders on any caliber

All brass casings, New or once fired brass SKU's for you to pick from. Retail boxed or bulk boxed, your choice. 30 day terms on most orders, or by check or credit card if you prefer. Hard to find calibers at reasonable prices. One page dealer application.

Extremely competitive
pricing on USA
made ammo.

Next day shipping
on many orders

Simple order
process by phone
or email.

Dealer support in a big way

One of the Partner's (Deuce Stevens) of WTP is a multi title shooting champion at the top of the Cowboy action shooting game (SASS) and with advanced notice and scheduling he is available to show up for special events for our dealers. Such as big sales or anniversary sales, ect. (schedule permitting). The other Partner in WTP has 29 years in Law Enforcement and can assist dealers with the process of gaining the ammunition business from local law enforcement. With our partnerships with a great number of law enforcement departments, we have seen super long term relationships form between the dealer and the departments, which has led to many firearms, optics, and secondary equipment sales for the dealer.

To inqiure about becoming a dealer:

Email your contact information to WTPMunitionsco@gmail.com
and our staff will get back to you within
a day. If you have any questions,
you can email or call our sales dept. at 1-574-551-8588

We are an unapologetically patriotic and pro law enforcement company.
Our love of God, Country, and the 2nd Amendment is our driving force for perfection in the industry.
And remember, liberals suck.

Thanks, the WTP Munitions Team